Sunday, December 18, 2011

Microwave Potato Bag

Hubby and I love baked potatoes but we don't like how long it takes to bake them in the oven. We use the microwave and I must admit that hubby has made an art out of doing it. BUT, when I do it, I usually ruined the poor spud. I would under cook it or overcook it, you name it, I did it. 
A few years ago, I heard someone had made a cotton potato bag to use in the microwave, so my search brought me to YouTube and hence my potato bags were born. ;-)

The dimensions I used for the single potato bag are 5.5” X 16.5” and I used 1/4” seams. If I made another one I would make it 6.5” wide rather than 5.5”. I used leftover fabric from the bigger one I made and that is all I had. (I like using the smaller one to bring with me for an all day outing when a lunch is brought along and a microwave is available.)   
It is made with 100% cotton fabric and batting.
The bigger one is 11” X 24”.

Here is the link to the YouTube video I found for the instructions.


  1. I made one today, thanks! I think I might still cut it a little wider than 6 1/2 as it will fit a medium potato. I'm thinking of sticking a potato in it and putting it in my son's stocking. Won't that get him going?

  2. Great idea! He'll think you have gone bonkers.... hahaha
    We baked 3 in the larger bag today and they were wonderful!
    For the size of potato I make, the one I have is good but your right, for a bigger potato, it would be better a bit bigger.